Personal Care

Personal care typically refers to aiding an individual with specified personal or private care needs. These needs include maintaining personal hygiene and overall health – mental health, oral health, foot health, etc., and administering skin care such as applying lotions and creams, directing medications, helping to take a bath and using the restrooms, continence handling, motion support, and assistance in makeup or even shaving.


Proper grooming and personal care from an amenable carer boost one’s confidence and self-esteem. Such maintenance is essential in preserving a person’s honour, self-respect, health, and comfort. It also involves comprehending pre-existing ailments and stopping them from becoming aggravated while taking appropriate and crucial steps.

Why Real Care Health Services for Personal Care

Real Care Health Services prioritizes mobility and adjustability in personal care support and carers. Due to this, we devise a service plan from an evaluation process tailored to your exceptional circumstances. During the procedure, details about your daily routines, passions, preferences, and pleasures are addressed so that we can acquire a comprehensive understanding to select a befitting care provider with whom you can genuinely connect. 


There is no doubt in acknowledging that our carers are exceptionally professional and trained in their work and offer additional services with a considerate and practical approach. Our carers honour your privacy and nobility and will never intrude in your personal space when you or a loved one wants to complete a task on your own.