Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophies (MD) are a category of hereditary genetic diseases that slowly weaken the muscles, resulting in a growing extent of impairment and disability. MD is an intensifying condition that frequently starts by affecting a specific set of muscles before spreading too more of them. Some forms of MD eventually damage the heart or the respiratory muscles, which makes the condition potentially fatal. Although there is no known treatment for MD, many of its symptoms can be managed effectively.


MD is brought on by modifications (mutations) in the genes in charge of a person’s muscle composition and functionality. The muscle fibers undergo alterations as a result of the mutations, which obstruct the muscles’ capacity to work. This results in an escalating handicap over time. 

The symptoms and indications of MD involve sluggish growth, painful and tight muscles, having trouble learning, stepping onto the toes, stumbled walking, falling repeatedly, heart and breathing problems, difficulty getting out of a seat or lying down posture, wide calf muscles, etc.


However, at Real Care Health Services, we genuinely work for your ease and comfort while proactively working to manage these symptoms. We acknowledge the pain that comes with the disability due to MD, and prioritize providing you care and support – even when you need them at home. We offer a wide range of treatments including assistance in mobility – physiotherapy, or exercise, and provide support groups to deal with the psychological effects of MD, medicines, and even surgeries if required to correct deformities in postures.