A brain illness called epilepsy is associated with persistent seizures. A seizure is typically described as an abrupt shift in behavior brought on by a transient disruption in the electric neural activity. Recurrent seizures are a common symptom of epilepsy, which is characterized by an imbalance in the electrical rhythms of the brain. At least two seizures that were not driven by a recognized medical condition, such as alcohol disengagement or extremely low blood sugar, are typically required to make the diagnosis of epilepsy.


Primary generalized seizures and partial seizures are the two main types into which seizures generally fall. The way they initiate or start varies across different categories.

In primary generalized seizures’ initial stages, a vast electrical discharge simultaneously affects both sides of the brain. A partial seizure starts when a small portion of the brain experiences an electrical discharge. 


Hereditary/genetic factors are known to be the causes of primary generalized seizures. On the other hand, head trauma, neurological complications, strokes, or tumors are linked with partial seizures, but in most cases, the cause is typically not recognized.Depending on whatever portion of the brain is affected, seizures can have a variety of effects on different people.

Unrestrained shaking and jerking, also known as “fits,” losing alertness and staring mindlessly into space, stiffening up, weird tastes or scents, or tingling in arms or legs, as well as fainting are all potential signs. The patient with epilepsy might occasionally lose consciousness and forget what happened.


Many epileptics live conventional, active lives. Seventy to eighty percent of epileptics can successfully manage their seizures with the right care, medication, or surgical procedures. No matter how epilepsy affects you, our qualified professional care team will support you in comprehending your condition and maintaining a positive outlook to go about your life. To assist control seizures, we will provide you with every possible help and aid aiming at enabling you to live a stable and fulfilling life.