Hourly Care

Hourly care, without the necessity for a live-in carer on a full-time commitment, enables a patient to find support daily on an hourly basis, whether for one hour or more. Such care is significant and ideal for most individuals who want to practically live a free and autonomous life to the greatest extent, as they can receive hourly aid daily while independently continuing their routine activities for the remainder of their day.


This care ensures several critical advantages for an individual, where the most vital is preserving one’s freedom. It favors adaptability and effortlessly holds daily interactions with family, friends, and pets. It also allows them to seek intricate care on the most convenient premise, i.e., their home. It is a cost-effective option for providing protection and safety for an individual and the benefit of residing in their local area.

Why Real Care Health Services for Hourly Care

Real Care Health Services offer you a customized package for hourly care, which empowers you to demand the level of care you desire concerning your custom-fit needs. We assist you at every procedure stage and coordinate with you and your family to match you with the ideal caregiver to live as individually as possible.


Our services in such care include grooming and maintaining an individual, such as getting dressed, trimming nails, combing hair, etc. Our professional and experienced carers support you as an alliance for outings (such as shopping) or even at home. They also take care of your medication administration while avoiding inhibited drugs and injections. Moreover, they manage to housekeep, make food for you and your loved ones, and collect your allowance while supervising the expenses.