Hospital Discharge

Hospital discharge characterizes an individual getting ready to depart from the hospital after acquiring inpatient care (i.e., a high level of medical attention) to go through other care transitions within a more convenient or suitable environment. 


It is significant to opt for hospital discharge once a patient starts feeling better and does not require hospital care anymore. It lowers the risks of exposure to other infections and creates more space for those needing complex emergency care. Depending upon the aftercare needs of a person, the healthcare providers may suggest they transition to home care or receive additional supervision from specified care facilities.


However, hospital discharge is a crucial component of care and is only beneficial when planned effectively to ensure continuity of care and decreased chances of readmission. Ignoring or rushing through it can adversely affect the patient and their family.

Why Real Care Health Services for Hospital Discharge

Real Care Health Services find it meaningful to meet and greet their clients before they get discharged, to become acquainted with the hospital’s distinctive care requirements, and to obtain customer-specific training if it is compulsory.


Our expert care team interacts with you and your loved ones to manage care at home. They pay attention to know more about you personally, focusing on things you love and hate, your interests and priorities, your hobbies and preferences, and life plans when you return home. Our professional carers may also visit you at your place to check in on your progress and recovery.


We prioritize comfort and companionship to help reduce the stress and anxiety about your aftercare needs and make the departure from the hospital to home safe and satisfying with in-home care services.