Companionship Care

Companionship care offers company and connection to patients (such as one bearing a disability or an elder) with solitude who have more significant risks of being isolated at the most crucial times. It aims to alleviate seclusion in them while having a substantial influence on their perspectives and optimism daily, which tend to range from plenty of hours a day to just a few more a week.


The best-suited companionship care ensures numerous benefits for individuals who face difficulties in social engagement. It provides physical assistance and support to the patients while keeping them comfortable, friendly, active, and communicative. It offers a more optimistic stance about life and inspires them to establish healthy behaviours. It enhances the person’s overall physical and mental well-being and creates a sense of compassion towards others.

Why Real Care Health Services for
Companionship Care

Real Care Health Services connect with you and your loved ones to provide special companionship care and support based on your unique requirements and interests. We equip you with devoted and exceptional carers who prioritize empathetic care, stability, and entertainment for you.


Our professionally trained nursing experts provide you with the freedom to decide what kind of activities and tasks you want to carry out each day or each week. They are available for you at all times to create a heartwarming and loving atmosphere around you and keep you accompanied in accomplishing simple daily tasks such as watching movies or TV shows, cooking or baking, shopping, gardening, visiting places of interest, or starting a hobby like reading, painting, etc.