Gastrostomy Feed Needs

Gastrostomy is defined as a surgical procedure where a tube is inserted into the stomach from the mouth. In this process, an opening in the abdomen is created, called a stoma, which allows for the patient’s food and liquid intake, as well as other medications, to be administered through the tube. A gastrostomy can also remove stomach contents or enable gas to be channeled out from the stomach to lessen bloating.


This procedure depends on the patient’s medical needs and capabilities and can involve a variety of different methods involving the use of different feeding tubes such as Gastro-jejunal Feeding Tube (G-J tube), Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG), etc. In most cases, the doctor will choose which method they believe will be best based on their experience and comfort level with specific types of equipment available.

Gastrostomies are often adopted in the following conditions:

  • When a person is unable to eat/swallow anything due to an illness or damage in the tract.
  • In some cases of reflux disease, where there is no longer enough acid in the stomach to digest food properly.
  • Patients with severe burns or when they have suffered damage to their digestive system due to cancer, radiation therapy, or other conditions.
  • To supply hydration and nourishment to weak patients for growth and maintenance.
  • Patients suffering from a neurological disorder that hinders their ability to swallow and increases the risk of breathing while eating food.

Care for Gastrostomy

The patient must be watched for infection symptoms following the gastrostomy. Therefore, we, at Real Care Health Services, provide special care to our patients – even at home, who have received gastrostomy to minimize the risk of infections and comorbidities. Our qualified cares will take care of the cleanliness and sanitization of the stoma and will inspect the skin daily for redness, swelling, or oozing. They will collaborate with the expert health care team to manage the patient’s diet and nutrition. We believe that the individualized care and assistance we provide in the comfort of your home will boost your standard of living and contentment.