Live-in care is a service that provides a patient with the support and cares they need to live at home. The speciality of such care includes receiving personal care, help with chores, specialist medical care, or whatever else an individual might need to stay complacent and liberated in their own home by fully trained and experienced carers.

This care also ensures that the care provider stays with the patient day and night, resulting in various benefits for them. They not only provide assistance in medicine administration or bathroom breaks but also be there for the patients as a companion and create a more relaxed atmosphere in their home, following better sleep and resting patterns. They also support complex care requirements and constant aid for changing bed positions, especially after surgery or an accident. The availability of someone for people with continuing issues such as a specific type of dementia leads to improved general health and minimal fear of the patient and their loved ones for spending the night alone with specific medical conditions.

Why Real Care Health Services for Live-In-Care

Real Care Health Services help you through every step of the process—from assessing your needs and getting you matched with the right caregiver to working with your family and friends to ensure everything runs smoothly once your new live-in carer arrives. If necessary, we occasionally switch the primary carer with another to give them relief, but we avoid this change if it makes our client unhappy.


Our determined and highly-pro overnight carer will provide specialized care at multiple points, allowing you and your loved one to sleep peacefully through the evening. We know that accepting the need for care can be distressing for an individual, yet you can reach us to soothe your worries and get in touch with our helpful staff to learn our ways of cooperation. It can be life-altering for you and your loved ones to receive such constructive support from us.