Palliative Care

Palliative care is the treatment, care, and assistance for people whose illnesses cannot be cured and is probable to pass away. It is also referred to as end-of-life care when given to patients as they approach death.


Its main objective is to guarantee that a person with a need for care can live contentedly, freely, and heartily for as long as feasible. It also offers compassion and support for the loved ones of the patient who suffers from a sickness that more or less cannot be healed. Patients afflicted with shortened life expectancy diseases like dementia, Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, advanced cancer, motor neuron disease, etc., are apportioned with such care.

Period Of Palliative Care

A person is considered for palliative care once diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, yet this does not necessarily indicate that they will or will not live long. The palliative care period varies from one individual to another as it is either taken for months, years or sometimes even till the patient is recovered completely. Moreover, the patients can customize such care per their conditions and desires.

Why Real Care Health Services for Palliative Care

Real Care Health Services believe that palliative care is more than just controlling physical symptoms. We provide high-quality, trained professionals based on your comfort level and choices. Our carers offer help and support to your loved ones, whether personal, mental, moral, or religious, that may seem impossible for them to achieve on their own. 


We provide a variety of palliative care programs for various diseases and illnesses by utilizing contemporary medical approaches and high-tech facilities and equipment. Our primary objective is to maximize patient comfort by providing pain management, therapy, and specialized consultations.